Individual Security Identification Code
Please enter the Individual Security Identification Code as printed on the inner ring of the CD as well as on the 4-page “Certificate of Authenticity” which is added to every CD - make sure you type in the correct code. The code consists of 16 numbers and letters and doesn’t contain any special characters.
Order Number or Title
Please fill in the order number or the title of the CD. The order number is a 5 to 6 digit number which you find on the back of the box. Then proceed to Step 3.
Your Name and Address
Your Email Address
This information we need for contacting you and - in case you bought the CD directly from us - to verify your purchase. In addition: when you are registered, you are eligible to participate in online courses which are structured by the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner.
From where did you get the CD?
Dealer’s Name and Address
Date of Purchase (dd-mm-yyyy)
Please fill in the name and address of the shop where the CD was bought and the date of purchase. In case you got the CD as a present, it would also be good if you could provide this information. Then please proceed to the last step.
Now send this information. To protect us against spammers, you need to type in the 2-digit code below. Thank you for your cooperation.
We will further check the authenticity of your CD and in case you have a CD which is not authentic, we will let you know.